What is the Bible to you?

To be completely honest I hate asking this question but the reason I ask is that many Americans believe the U.S. Constitution should be interpreted in ways that reflect today’s needs and sensibilities, so do many Christians hold a similar view of Scripture.  Recently the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) made a distinction that I found curious.  They confess that Scripture is “inspired” by God, but they no longer hold that the Bible is infallible and inerrant as their founder [Luther] taught.  This brought up a much larger debate to what the Bible means in our lives.  Ask yourself this question, do you read the Bible or does the Bible read you? In other words, do you read the Bible in light of today’s cultural and social context or do you read it with the intention to fully submit to it regardless of what it says or do you read it in some other way?  The ELCA has decided (along with other denominations) to allow monogamous homosexuals to serve as clergy within their context much to the chagrin of many within their denomination.  Many people at this time start to ask the question why does this matter?  It matters because to a Christian Scripture reveals God and His attributes, and it reveals Jesus and His atoning work amongst other things.  I write this to start a discussion on what you REALLY believe.  Many say one thing but there lives represent something else completely and I wanted to give the ELCA respect for at least confessing and standing next to there decisions. They have said that the Bible contains the Word of God, which is inspired, even though I may not agree.  So you tell me………

Do you read the Bible or does the Bible read you?

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  1. As a twenty-something this is a hard punch. I say this because we, twenty-somethings, are trying to figure things out and understand what faith, hope, love, and God and how these things fit into our lives and what it means to live with these things rooted in our existence. What are my chances of living a life worth my calling if God’s bride, the church is in so many ways becoming a whore? Sure, I believe the ELCA loves God, but with her actions I think she loves acceptance in culture as well. So, how do I read the Bible… well in a culture like this I hold on to it for dear life.

    • And the RIght Reverend from down south has spoken!
      No Seriously, I think that you’ve nailed the discussion for the 20 somethings in this country. Overall, it seems that once this age group comes to a conclusion it is couched either as conservative of liberal (in all aspects of our Christian life). Question, do you see the (seeming) love of acceptance in culture as a problem or benefit? In either case to what degree is it (benificial or detrimental)? In any event I love and miss you man and pray you are doing well.

  2. First of all, hate the sin, love the sinner. Second, Jesus said many would be foold, even the elect.

    To answer your question, I read the Bible and believe it. I don’t change it to fit the culture.

    I think the Lutheran’s are afraid of losing their congregations and thus, tithes. So, I’d say money is getting in the way.

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