How He loves!

Every time I hear this song words cannot describe how it effects me.  The beginning of this video is the most important part and every time I watch it I feel, sorry, happy, desperate, grateful and joy all mixed together.  Please spend a couple of minutes listening to this mans story.  By the way this person is John Mark McMillan and he is telling his story and singing at a conference named “The Call” in Nashville, TN about 3 years ago.

Challenge: Think about this story, the promise taken, and the raw nature of this song the next time you hear it and then let it affect you.  Just a suggestion.


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I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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  1. i am not sure there is a more powerful song right now. i first heard this song when Carlos sent me the link to this version and the Jesus Culture version close to 2 years ago. both powerful. John’s for the story… and Jesus Culture for the power portrayal. i am more than a little POed that Crowder took it, changed it and is getting a bit too much of the credit for it. but perhaps that is all a part of God’s plan for using this song to shake the youth of the nation. who wouldn’t otherwise have heard the song. who knows. my prayer is that it isn’t lost in the mainstream. that is doesn’t lose the story of where it came from.

  2. that’s cool hearing the story of how the song came about…made me cry cause the first time I heard it I knew God was asking a hard thing of me, but I new He wanted me to trust Him and understand how much He loves me…

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