Actually Help Haiti!

Haiti just suffered the worst earthquake they’ve seen in the last 200 years.  This is a tremendous opportunity for the Church (you guys) to share from our abundant resources to help bring comfort to the Haitians in the midst of such acute suffering.

Here are a few organizations that are mobilizing to help Haiti, any of them would be great to partner with:

The Courageous Church is trying to fill a immediate (as in yesterday) need of high power, military-grade laptop computers. They also will helping to facilitate new adoptions (not already in progress) of Haitian orphans.  Do you feel CALLED to ADOPT Haitian orphans? Donate by clicking HERE! or send a check or money order please consider overnighting it via FedEx, etc. and send it to:

Courageous Church
190 Centennial Way
Atlanta, GA 30313

Compassion International has 65,000 sponsored children in Haiti.

World Vision has sponsored children in Haiti & is doing disaster relief work. They also have a program for churches to get involved, “Promise Packs.”

Samaritan’s Purse is providing disaster relief supplies. They hope to have 6,000 temporary shelters up in a couple weeks & by the end of next week will be providing 500,000 gallons of clean water daily.

Convoy of Hope has a warehouse there & feeds 7,000 children daily. They are providing food & disaster relief supplies. Here are some photos of their work so far.

World Hope is mobilizing their staff in Haiti & will be coordinating volunteers and volunteer groups from the U.S. (once emergency needs have been met).


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