Book Review: Free at Last

For years I’ve enjoyed the teaching of Dr. Tony Evans on his radio program: The Urban Alternative.  Dr. Evans has a amazing ability to draw illustrations to the Scriptures that draw you in to seeing the deeper truths of the Bible.  If you’ve ever look in the mirror frustrated, or even disgusted, by what you see, feeling locked in the image staring back at you (a person who continually fails sometimes even five minutes after you just vowed you wouldn’t do that “thing” again) or weighed down by the weight of a past pain or hurt which not enough time or prayer has been able to heal, or wondering if you will ever “be more” or “measure up,” then this book is for you. Dr. Evans explores the problem of Christians who continue to sin and who do not fully utilize the freedom they have received in Christ.

He compares Satan to a plantation owner who knows that legally his slaves have been freed, but who tries to convince them that they’ll never make it in this world without him. He says that sometimes we need to make it to rock bottom before we realize who Christ isin our lives.  Many Christians know they are free from the eternal penalty of their sins, but they are still in bondage to sin on this earth. Dr. Evans reveals how Satan has skillfully used that lie to hold Christians in a prison from which Christ has already set them free. He also shows you how to maintain your freedom once you realize it. It’s already yours, you just need to realize it, believe it and live it.  Free at Last” is an inspiring and encouraging book, both for those who have not confessed Christ and for those who have been Christians for many years.


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