Why I’m NOT watching the World Cup Final

If you have read any of my tweets over the last month the title may come as a surprise, but it is the truth.  I love the 2 picture of joy that these men have after scoring the game winning goal for there respective sides.  I’ve loved the competition over the last month and I am truly sad that it will end until 2014, but that is it.  To be completely honest it has taken me years to get to this point and I do not expect you to be here but I would ask that you consider joining me [especially if you are a Christ follower].  In this final a new [and first time] champion will be crowned at the World Cup on Sunday, when Spain meets the Netherlands in a final which has the potential to be a classic. Well-organized and experienced Spain that has the players to outplay most club teams around the world against a Dutch side that has strikers, wingers and midfielders capable of slicing through any defense (point and case Brazil). The first World Cup final to be staged on the African continent should be a memorable one if both teams bring their best game to Soccer City Stadium.  So with all of this build-up why (you ask) are you going to be missing the game?

1.  I have to work.  Ultimately, my allegiance is not to a sport (looking at you every American sport) but to my God who has asked me to serve my family.  Will I watch the score? Yes, why not?  I will not let it affect my interaction with my guest and utilizing the chance to speak the Gospel into there lives.  I did not ask off, and I could have, and

2.  It’s just a game.  We forget this in America everyday (Lebron free agency 2010), it is rather sickening when you think about it. I am not pointing the finger solely at you but myself also.  We find ourselves better able to recite the stats of a person who plays a game while in the same breath our pastors and leaders that I do not have time to read my Bible, or study/ memorize it.  The way we treat sports in the U.S. shows everyone else that this is much more important that God.  I am not saying that you should become a monk and hide from the rest of the world but make Him more important than everything else.  Furthermore, I used to be a person, when my team won or lost, let that game affect my emotional disposition for the rest of the day [week] depending on the game.  Listen, I love futbol as much as the next person.  i truly think that it is the every-mans game, but it is NOT God and can not serve at a sufficient one.  It is just a game.

3.  The game will be replayed on ESPN later.  When I come home that night from working a 13 hour day, I will sit down, when everyone else is asleep and enjoy the match.  Will I know the outcome? Probably?  Will I care? Nope.  Is it because I’m not rooting for anyone? Nope, I want Holland to win but I think Spain is the better side.  I just enjoy the game for the games sake.  I could watch it on my phone but I don’t want to take away from my guest experience where I work, so I’ll just watch it later.  My guest pay good money to come and watch a great show.  Additionally they, being mostly American, don’t care about the final and so I will not have the opportunity to discuss it with them and lastly, see point 2 (it’s just a game).

Like I said earlier I by no means am coming from a high and mighty position but I do want to offer something for you to think about.  As a Christ follower I am constantly given the chance to remind myself that He is ultimate and these other things (food, money, sports, relationships, education, sex, music, pets, [add yours here]) make poor gods that always leave me not only unfulfilled but abandoned in the end.  This is not just about the World Cup.  What is it for you?


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I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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  1. Loser.

    Skip work.

    I will be skipping my kids little league game.

    (oh and that was a lengthy excuse list…)

    • LMBO, Man I miss working with you. I know I know, it’s heart wrenching BUT it’s just a game.
      – SDG

  2. Never just a game.

    One second could change a life!

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