Running from an open door

**Note from Jon: Sorry I have been missing lately, there has been much going on in our lives and I will (hopefully) update you soon on everything God has been teaching me and showing me.**

I’m not one to kill an animal if there is no reason (unless my wife request it).  Honestly, I hate killing just about anything if I don’t need to and I really don’t do well with death, it’s just not natural.  For example, when Heather and I were first married she had a beta fish named “Boaz” (a story for another day) that decided to die, but I digress.With fall upon us I have noticed the annual onslaught of bugs into our house seeking a warmer climate.  I hate this but I know it is natural so we try to prepare as much as we can.  I sprayed a “bug barrier” around our house, our landlord pays for a service that treats our yard, and when needed we with war face to face.

Over and over I run into this scenario.  The other night I was leaving work and while walking out through the security door I noticed something.  A small cricket was jumping up and hitting the door, repeatedly.  I stopped for a second and looked at the situation and decided that someone after me would kill this bug so I decided to just help him out.  I walked over to the door that lead to the outside and opened it.  As I opened the door the funniest thing happened… the cricket jumped the other way! “Seriously!”, I said out loud and watched the scared creature bound away, I was confused.  So I tried to pursue it and I honestly must have looked like an idiot, i mean a 250lb man chasing a fingernail sized creature trying to do what is best for it.  Finally, I caught the little booger and carried him outside and released it.  Did I get a thank you? Ha, nope! Actually, if it would have spoken I would have freaked out but I watch this scene happen over and over with bugs in all situations.  We’ve all tried to let the stupid buzzing fly out the window of your car while driving only to have it fly at you away from the open door.

I walked to my car and jumped in, through the keys in the ignition, took a deep breath…, and then had this message overwhelm me. “Jon, that scenario you were just in, I have doing that with you for years”.  It is so frustrating to know that God just used this tiny thing to teach me something about my unwillingness to submit to Him but He did and so I ask you what He asked me.

Why are you running from the open door that God opened?


About Jon Nelson

I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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