What is the Gospel [audio]

Walking into a new context to preach can be pretty intimidating but doing it on a Sunday morning service is a completely different.  This last sunday I had the joy of beginning my first stint as an Interim pastor (in view of a call).  Excelsior Springs Baptist Church is nearing the end of its search for its next Senior Pastor.  We have been in process (interviews, questionnaires, etc) for about almost 10 months and for the next 4 weeks I will have the privilege of bringing the Sunday message and spending ample time with the members of the church.

Because I have been given such a huge opportunity I decided to start a series for these next few weeks entitled “the Gospel”.  This week we tackled the question “What is the Gospel”.  This is a question I hear everyday in one way or another but usually not from believers in Christ.  This reality scares me because that means that they are building on some other foundation if they are not continually coming back to the question what is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I fervently believe it’s God’s intent for every believer to be:

  • Filled and empowered by His Spirit
  • To know the Word of God and build their life on the truths of the Gospel
  • and to be sent out on mission as one of God’s missionary people.

In order to begin to accomplish these goals together it only makes sense to begin with the Gospel.  I really hope that this series helps you reevaluate where you are in Christ.


Text: Romans 1:16 – 17


About Jon Nelson

I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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