the Glorious Gospel of Grace [audio]

Grace is meant to be scandalous. If it doesn’t appear scandalous, then our sins do not appear equally as scandalous in contrast to a holy God. The scandal is that my scandal has been written off and forgiven when it justifiably deserves wrath. This scandalous plan of forgiveness finds men like the women here, blind and helpless to do anything about their plight, and wipes their slate clean, reconciles them to God, and awards them with the wealth of heaven.

I hope that you are able to hear this as I bring yet another message to Excelsior Spring Baptist Church (ESBC).  The point that I’m trying to get accross sis simple, I fervently believe it’s God’s intent for every believer to be:

  • Filled and empowered by His Spirit
  • To know the Word of God and build their life on the truths of the Gospel
  • and to be sent out on mission as one of God’s missionary people.

In order to begin to accomplish these goals together it only makes sense to begin with the Gospel.  I really hope that this series helps you reevaluate where you are in Christ.

The Audio is so much better this week please enjoy:

Text: Luke 7:36 – 50


About Jon Nelson

I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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