What is your Shadow Mission? [audio]

I was so excited to attend the Leadership Summit in 2007 and the event did not disappoint.  I was blown away by leaders such as Carly Fiorina, Colin Powell, Dr. Floyd Flake, and Marcus Buckingham but the talk that left the deepest impact was given by a Pastor named John Ortberg.  That day Ortberg began a conversation that has plagued me since to this very day and it’s one about my Shadow Missions.

The definition of a “Shadow Mission” is my authentic Mission given by God hijacked by my Ego and my wounds. There is no Jesus in it.

This definition continually reminds me of what I am actually capable of in my life and I have great friends that remind me also. So I this week I began to pass on this same concept to Excelsior Springs Baptist Church.  My prayer is that it causes us to review our lives in light of the Gospel and focuses us to stay on mission for the Kingdom.

Audio (a little degraded this week):

[audio https://neosoulfaith.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/subverting-the-gospel-through-a-shadow-mission-esther-1-4.mp3]

Text Esther Chapter 1 – 4


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