Bloodlines: a short documentary

Since the announcement of Pastor John Piper’s newest book, Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian, I have been so extremely excited (it is now available).

In the last century Americans have been turning to organizations, education, famous personalities, and ultimately government in an effort to address the on-going racial strife in our nation. In 2008 many hoped that the election of an African-American president would finally bridge this ongoing racial divide. Today, we are left wondering why racial tensions have not abated.  Bloodlines is a prime example of how we Christians are to do the hard work of renewing our minds by replacing old ways of thinking with gospel ways of thinking.

In order to gain a little further insight earlier this year Crossway traveled with Pastor John to his hometown of Greenville, SC to revisit the world in which he grew up. This 18-minute documentary takes us through his experience of racism in the 1960’s American South.

I would love to know your thoughts…


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