The stare down

I took little man to his crib the other night and but before I put him down I decided to spend a few minutes with him just rocking him and praying over him.  I honestly could not repeat the prayer but I soon found myself staring into a pair of big brown eyes.

To be honest I was lost in that moment. He didn’t look away, he didn’t even blink, he just stared right at me and I my heart melted right there. There is NOTHING that pleases a father more than when he has the undivided attention of his child.  In those few moments I felt SO connected with him.

Walking out of his room up the steps I felt the Lord whisper to me, “Hey, that is what I want with you! Not some ritual, but an intimate connection.”

From time to time I get caught up in “having a quiet time” just to say I had one? Sure, a verse or two will stand out to me but if I am not careful I will forget that my time with God is not about a spiritual to do list, it is about a connection a connection that I need and God wants.

God doesn’t want our lip service He wants our undivided attention.  Let’s be honest this is SO hard in today’s society.  Everything competes with our time with Him, especially technology. I just know that what I experienced with my son was real, and it is being used in my life to show me that I need to take my walk with Him to the next level!

In Luke 5:16 the Bible says that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed, [rough] translation, He got alone and locked  eyes with the Father! We see this again in Mark 1:35 and the direct result was direction and power.  Even in His darkest hour (cf. Matthew 26:36-45) we see Him praying one of the most unselfish ever recorded in history. Translation, when we  lock eyes with the Father there is nothing that we are not willing to do for Him!

My prayer lately has been that I will have my eyes locked, focused on Him! It blows my mind that He wants that and I know I need it! I never want to merely offer God lip service, He knows my heart. My desire is to lock eyes with Him and then to do whatever He asks.

How about you?


About Jon Nelson

I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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