Some things I didn’t get to share last night

As I mentioned in my sermon last night there are a few things that I struggle with in my life.  I wanted to share with you some things that God showed me but i didn’t have time to share on Sunday night.  I hope you enjoy…

  1. Jesus loves His church more than I do. So there is no reason for me to freak out, though I do constantly.
  2. The same God who allowed the storm I am going through will also see me through it.
  3. The results in ministry are NOT up to me! (I need this reminder daily)
  4. Success in ministry will not be measured by how big my ministry is, but rather by whether or not my wife and little children really love Jesus and there daddy my journey is finished.  I can always find another ministry position, but I can NEVER replace my wife and kids.
  5. Someone recently to me that “Clear communication prevents unnecessary frustration.”  I can’t assume people know what I know, so it is necessary to take the 2-3 extra minutes and fully explain what I am trying to say.
  6. Eternity IS reality.  if this is true then every single person I see is someone who will spend eternity somewhere and I need to embrace that fact with urgency.
  7. Being busy doesn’t equal being godly!
  8. Sometimes fighting the good fight means walking away from certain fights or to say it another way, not every hill is worth dying on.
  9. The same power that brought Jesus back from the dead is living is in Him and now resides in me.  I can do ANYTHING that He commands me to do!

About Jon Nelson

I am just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody [Christ Jesus]!

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  1. Oh I feel you on this! 3 and 4 certainly areas I struggle with for sure!
    And for 9-just shared that thought with my 13 year old, who thought he’d never be able to do something -‘you have the power of the living God in you!’ – a phrase often heard at our house 😉

    Thanks for sharing-praying for you guys!

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