“I am Black and I am Gay…”

… was the statement made by Jason Collins a gay NBA player through Sports illustrated.  The news quickly turned from Tim Tebow’s release to the impact of this and it’s implications in today’s sports. Honestly, I did not really plan to comment, but that all changed after watching Chris Broussard’s commentary for ESPN (please see the full interview above).

Yesterday, after leaving work I was made aware of ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and their discussion between two sportswriters: the [openly gay Christian] L.Z. Granderson and [straight Christian] Chris Broussard.  The long and short of it is this, Jason Collins still claims to be a Christian even though he is openly gay. ESPN asked Broussard to comment on Collins’ claim that one can be both gay and Christian. Broussard answered the question politely and boldly, and he did so as a Christian here he is in his own words:

Personally, I don’t believe that you can live an openly homosexual lifestyle or an openly, like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, then the Bible says you know them by their fruits. It says that, you know, that’s a sin. If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, not just homosexuality, whatever it maybe, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ. So I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don’t think the bible would characterize them as a Christian.

Depending on what side of the debate you find yourself I am sure you know what came next. After Broussard gave is his opinion (which he was asked for), there was an immediate backlash across the internet. Many in the press and on social medai called Broussard’s words “hateful”, while the President decided to call him and congratulate him for “his bravery”.  Even ESPN issued a statement saying that it regretted the distraction from Jason Collins’ announcement. I think the criticism of Broussard is completely unwarranted.  I want to clarify Broussard did not volunteer these remarks. He was asked by ESPN to comment on Jason Collins’ claim to be a Christian in the context of a [respectful] discussion on the subject and he did.  So I would like to add my “amen” to what Chris Broussard had to say. Not that he knows or even cares what I think but this is a conversation that needs to happen and he skillfully defended the faith in a forum that many would falter in, and it was a beautiful thing.


A quick note to those who are reading this post who may not be Christian,

The Bible does NOT single-out homosexuality as the worst sin, nor does it permit mistreatment of homosexuals and I am not in anyway advocating either of those things here.  The Bible does, however, hold forth a stringent standard of sexual morality that we all  fall short of (e.g., Matt. 5:28), I being the chief among the sinners.  That means that all of us are sinners and that all of us are in desperate need of a Savior.

The good news is that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, both heterosexual and homosexual. He died on the cross and took upon Himself the punishment that we deserved. Then God raised Him from the dead three days later, and He is right now seated at the right hand of God. Now anyone can receive forgiveness and eternal life if they would but repent from their sin and believe in Christ. God’s arm is not too short to save (Isaiah 59:1), and if you would repent and believe, they would reach you as well.


What are your thoughts on Broussard’s comments?


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  1. You always make me stop and think and bow my head web I read your posts. Thank you for this.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >I am Black and I am
    Gay | Neo Soul Faith <Loved it!

  3. What about hermaphrodites? Did Jesus make a mistake? Could there be different levels of this disorder (boy on the outside, girl on the inside or the reverse)? Could you even ask yourself these questions without prejudicial stereotypes? No, you thump a bible and say, “… not a real Christian”. Who are you to decide? You’re stuck in a box, looking for light in an old book. It’s a good book, but you know, the truth is out there, open your heart and free your mind. God (Universal Love) expands, including everyone, the Devil (Universal Fear) contracts, including only the worthy. I’m no longer calling myself Christian, because of people like you.

    • I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said, “..because of people like you.”. I knew it wasn’t right, but posted anyways. Sometimes my emotions get the best of me, I apologize. -Michael

    • Michael,
      Thank you so much for reading the blog and responding. I think you bring up some really interesting questions in your comments, so I wanted to take a second to reply to you. Additionally, I accept your apology; this is an emotional subject (especially in today’s world).
      I also want to apologize if by reading this blog you garnered any contempt towards homosexuals whatsoever. I assure you that this isn’t the case whatsoever; actually the exact opposite is true. I think that our definitions of God (more specifically the God of the Bible) is where we differ in this subject. This was made evident in your comments when you said, “God (Universal Love) expands, including everyone, the Devil (Universal Fear) contracts, including only the worthy”. I believe that God is first and foremost Holy and we are not, the Bible spells this out consistently. Therefore I agree that God is love but His love extends from His holiness towards us in order to redeem us to how He created mankind. Our sin is the cause of this broken world and it is what makes us not worthy of what God’s love, yet He extends it to us through Christ.
      Additionally, I agree that I am “in a box” from the perspective that I am not the apex of all creation but a created being that [somewhat] understands his place in this world. So, while I am honored that you would name me [specifically] as a reason that you want to disassociate from Christianity but it seems like a problem with whom the God of the Bible is.
      I pray that you read the last part of the post and my heart in clearly helping all of us understand that we are each sinners in need of a Savior and I will say it again God’s arm is not too short to save (Isaiah 59:1), and if you would repent and believe, they would reach you as well.
      Again, thank you and I look forward to your reply.

  4. I’m fat because I eat too much. That is just as much a sin as being gay. I am trying to eat like Christ wants me to but it is a constant struggle for me. Likewise I believe there are christians who are gay and struggle with trying not to be gay because the flesh wants one thing and yet they know Christ wants them to do another thing. This is especially hard when the world is always telling you to “do what feels good to you”, “be yourself” etc. I think life is a choice. We sometimes choose to do things that we don’t want to do just because we know it is the right “thing” that God wants us to do; and other times we choose to do just what we want to do and ignore God. I know of a formerly gay person who chose God’s way. For several years he had to make a conscious decision to follow God but one day he realized it actually felt natural to live the heterosexual life. He credits God with changing his “feelings” since he chose to honor God with his “actions”. God is loving and he is forgiving. one sin is not bigger than the other. We are all struggling in our walk with Christ but the more you read the Bible and follow the Word it makes it just a little bit easier and draws you nearer to Him.

    • Jennifer,
      Thanks for the comments. It’s a great reminder of how [Christians] are all in this struggle together because we are reminded how bankrupt we really are and how great our God truly is.

  5. Civil discourse is stifled by the immediate name calling and labeling that results from an opinion that differs from what is culturally acceptable. Everyone is free and entitled to their opinion unless it differs from mine. At that point they become a bigot spewing hate speech. Those that resort to those tactics often do not have a strong argument to back up their opinion.

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