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“In the News” brings together some of the most interesting content I’ve found online, as it pertains to the church and the people God has called us to reach. Keep in mind, I don’t endorse or agree with everything you’ll see included in the these articles but I find them interesting and worth the read or watch.  Take some time to check out the articles and let me know what you think.

Every Day in Cambodia

Our Executive Pastor recently announced that he and his wife would be moving to Cambodia in January. This came as a shock to many people but to most of us that know his heart we were not surprised what so ever.  One of the hints was when Pastor Pete asked us to watch “Every day in Cambodia”

The Freedom Project documentary, “Every Day in Cambodia”, first broadcast last year, airs again this weekend. The film, presented by actress Mira Sorvino, documents the appalling plight of children sold into sex slavery, sometimes by their own mothers, and the people fighting to stop the practice.

Obama signed Executive Order Protecting LGBT People From Employment Discrimination; No Religious Exemption

The order bars federal contractors from discriminating against their employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and protects federal employees from discrimination based on their gender identity.

Lesbian sues Kansas City Catholic Diocese

Colleen Simon was fired from her job a Catholic food pantry at St. Francis Xavier Parish by a Roman Catholic diocese in Kansas City, MO over marrying her partner in Iowa. She has filed a lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph and its bishop, the Rev. Robert Finn.

Ken Ham Slams NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham has criticized NASA’s efforts to search for extraterrestrial life, arguing that God has not created life anywhere outside the Earth, and that the search for such life is driven by “man’s rebellion.” “I’m shocked at the countless hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent over the years in the desperate and fruitless search for extraterrestrial life,” Ham wrote in a blog post for Answers in Genesis on Sunday.

SCOTUS blocks Obama Care contraception mandate for Wheaton

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Wheaton College doesn’t have to abide by the Obamacare contraceptive coverage requirement as long as the Christian school tells the Obama administration that it has a religious objection to providing birth control to its employees and students.

Convert, Pay Tax, Or Die, Islamic State Warns Christians

Islamist insurgents have issued an ultimatum to northern Iraq’s dwindling Christian population to either convert to Islam, pay a religious levy or face death, according to a statement distributed in the militant-controlled city of Mosul.

Anglican Church Accepts woman Bishops

Roman Catholic Church leaders have criticized the Church of England’s historic vote to allow women to serve as bishops earlier this week, arguing that such a move is an “obstacle” to Christian unity.


Focusing on First things


With the Presidential campaigns ramping up and everyone seemingly running to there respective corners to point fingers at the other guy and I wonder how we continually miss the point. June 28, 2012 is a day that will go down historically without much of a fight but that day you might have thought the world ended. That was the day the the Supreme Court of the U.S. rendered its decision on President Obama’s healthcare mandates. Some screamed “It’s the end of liberty!” while others ” It’s the beginning of freedom!” and really either way you sliced it, the court’s ruling was momentous, but does it really change reality? People will continue to be born and die daily. You can argue whether the rate will increase or decrease here in the U.S. but that is just reality. What surprised me is “Christ-followers” publicly showed more care and concern about Chief Justice John Roberts’ conservative credentials more that we do about Christ’s Kingdom advancing in our local context. We consistently seem to have more concern for the things of this world and not any focus on the first things.
That last statement is one that has plagued my mind as I try to write sermon and shepherd people of our church I want focus on the 1st things of Christ and His kingdom. I wonder if this is true for you also. Think about it as you listen to this Sunday night sermon.

**Update: I will be preaching this upcoming Sunday morning August 26, 2012 at our 9:15a and 10:45a (CST) services.  Please click here follow to watch the whole service live at those times**

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